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Equine Resources at Your Fingertips

One of the most important things we do at Columbia Equine Hospital is help educate our clients about horse medicine and best practices so they can be full partners in the care of their horses. We encourage you to check the following links often, as well as read the articles, view the pictures, and share your stories.

Veterinary Equine Resources From Columbia Equine Hospital
  • News—This page features current Columbia Equine Hospital news and information.
  • Links—We know it’s hard to believe everything you read on the Internet. This page features links to trustworthy websites with information about equine care that will help you be a well informed and responsible horse owner.
  • Featured cases—For those of you who like to read in-depth about specific medical cases, be sure to watch this page for articles about particularly interesting cases that come to our hospital.
  • Patient photo gallery—Show off your horse in our photo gallery page or admire other horses. We love to see all of our beautiful horses on our website.
  • Grief and loss library—Losing a horse can be devastating. Be sure to visit this library for comforting articles and resources if you are facing a loss.
  • Memorials—Please feel free to leave a memorial message about your beloved horse on this page. Memorial messages can be a comfort to you as well as to others facing a similar loss.


“Competent and helpful.”

“Professional and compassionate.”

“I have been using CEH for years, and I have 100% faith in them.”

“I always have a great experience with them.”

“I recommend them for all your horses medical needs.”

“We always have a good visit when we take our horses to Columbia Equine!”

“Columbia Equine has a wonderful staff of professionals & state of the art equipment.”

“They're focused on the well being of the animals more than anything else. They educate the customer and are helpful in many aspects, I recommend them all the time!”

– Marlene

“Blessed am I to have this great vet team behind me and my pony thank you Columbia Equine Hospital! You rock!”

– Lauren

“Thank you for the great addition to your already top notch staff at Columbia Equine. We love you guys!”

“Amazing vets and beautiful facility. I've had my horses under their care before and they do an awesome job! I would recommend any of my fellow horse friends to take their horses there.”

“I can not begin thank Dr. Hanson and staff for the amazing care they gave my horse...”

“My initial conversation was with Alexis, me asking a lot of questions, she providing a lot of professional answers and setting up an appointment for a farm visit later that day, to Dr. Rioux-Forker showing up on time, listening to the problems we are having with our OTTB, Leon, asking thoughtful questions, and suggesting helpful solutions, we were very happy with every interaction we had with the staff at Columbia Equine Hospital. Very helpful. Very professional. Very experienced. And reasonably priced. Thank you!”