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Skilled Care for Serious Equine Medical Conditions

The facility at Columbia Equine allows our veterinarians and staff to provide in-depth medical and hospitalization services. We are able to provide complete workups and treatment for medical colic and other gastrointestinal diseases, renal disease, neurological disease, respiratory disease, metabolic disease, ill neonates, wound management, and many other problems.

Veterinary Equine Medicine From The Staff of Columbia Equine HospitalThe barns at our hospital hold a total of 10 stalls that are separated in three different buildings to help control infectious disease and separate unfriendly neighbors and stallions. Three stalls are equipped for critical patients requiring IV fluid administration. We also have outdoor paddocks available. Equine patients are cared for by veterinarians and experienced technicians in the hospital for patient monitoring of medical treatment of colics and other illnesses.

We have an in-house laboratory where we monitor basic blood values for critical patients, as well as a local reference laboratory where we receive complete blood counts and blood chemistry results within 12 hours. Advanced diagnostics, including endoscopy and ultrasound, are routinely used to evaluate complex medical cases. Ultrasound technology can assist in the diagnosis and monitoring of various conditions in the horse. Soft tissue ultrasonography plays an important role in diagnosing medical problems including:

  • Pneumonia
  • Abdominal pain
  • Umbilical infections
  • Bladder conditions
  • Masses and swellings
  • Early pregnancies
  • Late-term fetal monitoring


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“My initial conversation was with Alexis, me asking a lot of questions, she providing a lot of professional answers and setting up an appointment for a farm visit later that day, to Dr. Rioux-Forker showing up on time, listening to the problems we are having with our OTTB, Leon, asking thoughtful questions, and suggesting helpful solutions, we were very happy with every interaction we had with the staff at Columbia Equine Hospital. Very helpful. Very professional. Very experienced. And reasonably priced. Thank you!”