Protection for Horse Buyers With Comprehensive Pre-Purchase Exams


Horses are a big financial and emotional investment. We strongly recommend a pre-purchase exam prior to acquiring any horse, whether it will be used for performance or pleasure. Pre-purchase exams (PPE) are routinely performed by the veterinarians at Columbia Equine Hospital for a large variety of equine disciplines. This exam will determine if the horse is physically suitable for its intended use, regardless of level.


Each PPE consists of a thorough physical exam, conformation analysis, and lameness examination. The veterinarian may want to observe the horse being ridden as well, so please plan for tack and a rider to be available if possible. Examinations can be complemented by our advanced diagnostic equipment, including digital radiography, digital ultrasonography, upper airway endoscopy, nuclear scintigraphy, and complete laboratory services. Any diagnostic images collected during a PPE are digital, archived, and can be easily shared with other veterinarians if needed.