Another positive case of EIA in Portland…


POSITIVE EIA CASE PORTLAND, OR- As of today, there has been one horse that has been tentatively labeled as positive for Equine Infectious Anemia, (EIA) at Portland Meadows race track. According to Oregon state veterinarian, Dr Brad LeaMaster, the positive horse was detected on routine testing. All horses leaving Portland Meadows are required to have a recent negative Coggins test and must provide a declaration of movements, stating where the horse will be moved to and the current owners information. EIA is a blood borne disease, spread primarily by reuse of hypodermic needles and biting insects. Symptoms of the disease include fever, anemia, jaundice, edema and weight loss.¬†For now, we are¬†recommending following the same bio-security measures that we suggest any time you travel with your horse- don’t share water or feed buckets with horses you don’t know, don’t allow your horses to touch noses with unknown horses, and think twice before allowing unknown people to pet your horse, especially if they have been touching other horses. To prevent the spread of EIA, we recommend all horses have a Coggins test performed (this is an EIA blood test), only disposable needles and syringes are used and that barn owners implement insect control on their properties. Feel free to direct any questions towards our office: (503) 663-1515

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