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Equine Veterinary Services

Columbia Equine Hospital offers all the veterinary services required to keep your horse healthy, from vaccinations and dental care to chiropractics and regenerative therapy.

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Lameness Evaluations

Thorough lameness evaluations can aid in diagnosis of gait abnormalities and establishment of an optimal treatment plan. If your horse's gait is off, it can be a sign that your horse is in pain or experiencing discomfort.

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Digital Radiology

Digital radiology - or digital X-rays - allows our veterinarians to take detailed images of your horse's internal systems and structures to make accurate assessments and diagnoses.

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Ultrasonography is a noninvasive diagnostic technique that uses sound waves to create images of internal structures. There are a number of applications for ultrasound including lameness evaluations, reproduction, and internal medicine.

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Regenerative Therapy

From sport horses to pasture pets and seniors, we use a variety of techniques under the umbrella of regenerative therapy to help them recover from injuries, maintain their mobility, and promote the body's natural healing process.

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Dental Care

Routine dental care is incredibly important for your horse's overall health and well-being. Not only can it improve their comfort, it can actually prevent other serious health issues such as colic.

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Equine Vaccines & Prevention

Routine vaccinations and annual examinations are a cornerstone of preventative care. Protect your horse from a range of serious conditions with routine vaccinations and health checkups.

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Internal Medicine

Your vet can diagnose and treat a range of internal conditions, disorders or diseases of the lungs, heart, abdomen, and more both at our Gresham facility and right on your farm.

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Video Endoscopy

This allows us to directly visualize internal structures such as the respiratory tract, upper digestive tract and urinary system for signs of abnormalities. We are also able to collect samples for further analysis.

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Surgical Services

We offer a variety of routine and emergency surgical services in the field when possible but also at our facility.

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Chiropractic & Acupuncture

Veterinary acupuncture for horses offers pain relief and sports injury recovery and supplements other therapies.

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Pre-Purchase Exams

Horses are a big financial and emotional investment. We strongly recommend a pre-purchase exam prior to acquiring any horse, whether it will be used for performance or pleasure.

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Breeding Services

Breeding services are available on a select basis, please contact the office for more information. Let our veterinarians help make your breeding program as successful and healthy as possible.

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  • Equine Vaccinations & Prevention

    At Columbia Equine Hospital, our veterinarians offer routine exams and can help design a vaccination and deworming schedule to fit your horse’s lifestyle and risk factors.  Book Appointment Protection & Prevention Protecting your horse from disease is an essential part of his or her overa...
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  • Imaging

    Our equine vets can provide X-rays and ultrasounds to diagnose health conditions and assess your horse's well-being in the field and at our state-of-the-art Gresham facility. Book Appointment Equine Radiology We are able to take high-quality digital X-rays in the hospital or in the field. Our...
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  • Internal Medicine

    We are able to provide diagnosis and treatment for a variety of internal medicine conditions in horses from immune system issues to neurologic disorders. Book Appointment Treating Equine Internal Conditions Internal medicine involves exams and diagnostics for horses and other large ani...
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  • Pre-Purchase Exams

    If you are looking for your next horse, our vets offer pre-purchase evaluations to ensure your next partner is suited for your needs. Book Appointment What is a Pre-Purchase Exam? Horses are a big financial and emotional investment. We strongly recommend a pre-purchase exam prior to ac...
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  • Breeding & Reproduction

    Our vets offer equine reproductive services on a select basis such as breeding soundness exams, artificial insemination, post-foaling exams and more to enhance your breeding program. Please contact the office for more information. Book Appointment Breeding Services Whether it's your fi...
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  • Equine Dentistry

    At our clinic serving Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington, we believe regular dental care is a vital part of your horse’s overall health, comfort, performance, and longevity. Book Appointment Safe & Effective Equine Dental Care Annual comprehensive dental care is an essential...
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  • Equine Surgery

    Columbia Equine Hospital has a skilled surgical team to provide surgical treatment for horses across Northern Oregon and Southern Washington. At this time, Columbia Equine Hospital does not perform colic surgery / exploratory laparotomies. Book Appointment  Surgeries at Columbia Equine Hospital ...
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  • Regenerative Therapy

    Our vets are proud to offer a wide range of orthobiotic therapies to aid in our patients' healing, including Pro-Stride, PRP, IRAP, A2M and more. Book An Appointment Restore Soundness with Equine Regenerative Therapy From joint or tendon injuries to inflammation, arthritis, and more, h...
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  • Lameness Evaluation & Treatment

    Columbia Equine Hospital performs lameness evaluations for horses from across the Portland area and Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington. Book Appointment Lameness Evaluation & Treatment Lameness can occur at any time and may be caused by pain, a physical problem, or a neurological c...
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  • Equine Endoscopy

    At Columbia Equine Hospital, we offer horse endoscopy to make sure various body cavities, such as the upper GI tract and respiratory tract, are functioning normally and free of disease. Book Appointment Equine Endoscopic Exams An endoscope is a tool used to look inside ...
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  • Equine Chiropractic & Acupuncture

    Our certified veterinarians administer equine chiropractic and acupuncture for horses with chronic pain or joint and nervous system issues, and for performance horses recovery. Book Appointment Integrative Treatments For Horses Chiropractic care is a manual therapy focused on biomechan...
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Columbia Equine Hospital is accepting new patients and veterinary referrals! We are passionate about the health and well-being of horses across Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington. Contact us to get started today.

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