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Our equine vets can provide X-rays and ultrasounds to diagnose health conditions and assess your horse's well-being in the field and at our state-of-the-art Gresham facility.

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Equine Radiology

We are able to take high-quality digital X-rays in the hospital or in the field. Our cordless portable digital radiography units allow an immediate evaluation of positioning, exposure, and motion to ensure quality radiographs and eliminate the need for retakes and multiple farm trips.

Veterinarians, staff, and clients may instantly review images, allowing rapid diagnosis and treatment. The images are digitally archived and loaded on a secure website to allow web-based sharing between clients, their farriers, and other veterinarians.

Equine Ultrasounds

This non-invasive, high-resolution diagnostic tool allows your veterinarian to evaluate all types of soft tissues in real time using ultrasonic sound waves. At Columbia Equine Hospital, we have three state-of-the-art digital horse ultrasound units to assist in diagnosis. We use these tools for evaluating lameness cases, colic cases, thoracic and abdominal pathology, urinary system cases, and reproductive system cases.

Ultrasound exams can be performed on your farm or at our hospital. The images are digitally archived and can be shared between clients and with other veterinarians.

Equine Radiology, Gresham

Equine Radiology, Gresham

Equine Ultrasound | Columbia Equine Hospital

Equine Radiology | Gresham Veterinarians

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