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Equine Emergencies

Our dedicated vets provide compassionate onsite emergency care and 24/7 emergency ambulatory services for horses. We serve patients from across Southwest Washington and Northwest Oregon.

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24/7 Emergency Care From Columbia Equine Hospital

We pride ourselves in providing our clients with extremely reliable emergency services. Our team is equipped to handle your horse emergency on the farm or at our hospital.  Contact us if you have an equine emergency.

The best way to handle any emergency is to be prepared. We strongly recommend that all horse owners maintain a first aid kit for potential emergencies such as colic, lameness, foot injuries, and wounds.

In the face of an emergency please assess your horse’s condition prior to calling. The information you provide will enable our team to be prepared and provide prompt and efficient service.

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Indications of an Emergency

Below are some indications that your horse may require equine emergency veterinary attention:

The detailed history and description of your horses condition you provide to the doctor is essential information to determine the urgency, the care you can provide until a veterinarian is able to examine your horse, the equipment and supplies required to treat your horse, the most appropriate location to treat your horse, and a rough estimate on cost. In some instances, we will determine that it is necessary and most appropriate to treat your horse in our hospital or at your farm.

Normal Vital Signs

Rectal Temperatures Heart Rate Respiratory Rate
Adult Horse 98 - 101.5ºF 30 - 44 beats/min. 8-16 breaths/min.
Newborn Foal 99 - 102ºF 60 - 100 beats/min. 20-40 breaths/min.

New Patients & Referrals Welcome

Columbia Equine Hospital is accepting new patients and veterinary referrals! We are passionate about the health and well-being of horses across Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington. Contact us to get started today.

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