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Equine Endoscopy

At Columbia Equine Hospital, we offer horse endoscopy to make sure various body cavities, such as the upper GI tract and respiratory tract, are functioning normally and free of disease.

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Equine Endoscopic Exams

An endoscope is a tool used to look inside the body. Endoscopes are long, thin tubs with a camera and light at the end. Columbia Equine Hospital is equipped with a fully portable video endoscopy unit. They can be inserted through a natural opening or surgical incision to get a clear internal picture of a horse's body to detect abnormalities that our other diagnostic technologies may not be able to display with enough detail.

Endoscopes have channels through which air or gas can be blown to expand a body cavity for better viewing. Water flushed down channels cleans optics for a clear image. Instruments can also be passed through channels to take biopsy samples (for microscopic examinations) or remove foreign bodies, cysts, or small tumors.

In addition to diagnostics, we use endoscopies for:

  • Bronchoalveolar lavage
  • Tracheal wash
  • Biopsies
  • Medication administration
  • Guttural pouch lavage

Gastroscopy for Diagnosing Ulcers

Gastroscopy is a type of endoscopy that involves a complete examination of the two lining tissues of the horse's stomach using a 3.5m flexible video-endoscope. It is performed under light sedation and images are captured at specific points around the stomach and are graded and defined by type.

If your horse is underperforming, has behavioral changes, has a poor appetite, poor coat condition or pain on girthing then they may be suffering from gastric ulcers. Using gastroscopy to visualize the horse's stomach, we are able to see whether ulcers are present or not and also which type. Once diagnosed, we can offer treatment options.

Prepare For Your Horses Gastroscopy

Equine Endoscopies in Gresham
Equine Endoscopy, Gresham Vets
Equine Endoscopy, Gresham Vets
Equine Endoscopy, Gresham Vets

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