Expert Equine Podiatry Care in Gresham, Oregon


Equine podiatry combines the art of farriery with the medicine of the veterinary profession. Columbia Equine Hospital, in partnership with your farrier, takes equine podiatry seriously.

Our podiatry room enables veterinarians and farriers to work side by side while accessing your horse and radiograph images. We utilize a state-of-the-art software program, Metron, to collect various measurements and angles directly from a digital radiograph of your horse’s hoof. The program allows us to objectively compare hooves to each other, and images can be stored to measure and monitor changes in a horse‚Äôs hoof over time. The program allows for easier discussion between veterinarians, farriers and owners by clearly marking measurements and angles on radiograph images. These images can also be printed or emailed for easy sharing with farriers or other veterinarians.