Equine Reproductive Services in Portland & Southwest Washington


A breeding soundness exam is recommended before breeding. This examination of your mare’s reproductive tract can improve reproductive success.


  • Reproductive ultrasound examination of internal reproductive tract can aid in identifying proper timing of breeding (artificial insemination or live cover), any abnormalities of the tract, to determine pregnancy and identify a twin pregnancy.  
    • Post Breeding: Ultrasound examination
      • At day 14–15 (confirm pregnancy/identify twins)
      • At day 30 (to monitor for heartbeat)
      • At day 45 to ensure normal development of the embryo
  • Uterine culture and sensitivity is utilized to diagnose infection and identify an effective antimicrobial for treatment.
  • Uterine biopsy reveals histological defects in the uterine wall that may inhibit implantation of the embryo and a successful pregnancy.
  • Artificial insemination allows us to breed your mare with fresh-cooled semen.

A post foaling examination is recommended within the first 24–48 hours. This is vital to assess the health of the new foal and the dam.