Convenient On-Farm Services in Portland & Southwest Washington

Columbia Equine Hospital has four full-time ambulatory veterinarians who travel with equipped trucks to provide full-service care for your horses on your farm. Our patients are widely varied and include all performance show horses, race horses, endurance horses, gaited horses, trail horses, breeding horses, pets, service horses, and more.

Our comprehensive ambulatory services include:

In addition to the above services, we also perform re-check examinations of our equine patients once they have returned home after discharge from our hospital. Our goal is to provide quality, consistent care so your horse continues with his or her progress.

Diagnostically, we have the ability to perform digital radiographs (X-ray), digital ultrasound, and endoscopic examinations at your farm when necessary. We also can provide certain treatments on the farm, such as shock wave therapy. This equipment requires a covered work area that has a direct power supply.

When scheduling lameness or pre-purchase exams, our veterinarians require an arena with soft footing in addition to a safe area that has hard footing to assess the horse for soundness. We ask our clients to be prepared to ride during the lameness evaluation if requested by the doctor when trying to diagnose a soundness issue seen under saddle.

All of our dental procedures require a covered area, warm water, and electrical power. These requirements are essential for the veterinarians to perform a dental float on your horse.

Columbia Equine Hospital veterinarians are available for 24-hour emergency coverage within our practice area—just contact us. Our veterinarians also provide on-site services for several major horse shows and other events in the Portland area.