Experienced Orthopedic & General Surgery for Horses

Columbia Equine Hospital has prepared a skilled surgical team to provide the best care for your horse. Our experienced surgeon, Dr. Scott Hansen, has invaluable expertise in emergency and elective surgical procedures. Dr. Hansen has been the surgeon at Columbia Equine Hospital since 1983 and has had extensive surgical training and experience, including:

  • Video-assisted arthroscopy
  • General orthopedic procedures
  • Soft tissue surgery
  • Podiatry
  • Dental surgery
  • Umbilical hernia repair
  • Immature and mature castrations
  • Cryptorchid

At this time, Columbia Equine Hospital does not perform colic surgery.

Our surgical suite is complete with a hydraulic table, gas anesthesia with positive pressure ventilation, blood pressure monitoring, EKG, pulse oximetry, medical and emergency support, padded recovery room, climate control, and a wide variety of other medical and surgical equipment. Surgical patients are moved to the surgical aftercare section of the hospital for monitoring and aftercare following the surgical procedure.

All non-emergent surgical patients will be admitted the day prior to the surgery and a full blood work panel will be processed. These laboratory results are utilized to ensure the health and safety of your horse during surgery. Columbia Equine Hospital takes every precaution to ensure your horse’s safety.